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Welcome + Looking for Delta Aipom

Hi! My name is Bill and I just started the game (and fallen in love with it, it’s absolutely absorbing). I’m by Metchi Town but this morning I accidentally killed the Delta Aipom at Suntouched city. Could anyone trade me any? (i don’t care about the level, it can be one from the daycare).

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Trading Name: BillParrot
Offer: Not much , I just started :stuck_out_tongue:
Request: Delta Aipom

I’d be willing to trade. Feel free to just send any random junk.

My trading handle is Xokpet.

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Thank you very much!!

Add me on Discord and we find a moment to trade!


This may sound somewhat stupid, but I haven’t the slightest idea how to work with Discord. I have an account (Xokpet#2582), but that’s about it. How do I go about adding you?

I’ll add you now and talk to you from there. If you want, now I can trade! (my tradename is BillParrot)

Sorry I missed your window of opportunity there. I’ve accepted and sent along a message. I suppose we can coordinate times from Discord.

Thanks for your Aipom! This topic can be closed now

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