Weird Trade request :)

Trading Name: Btman153

Offer:tell me what would be appropriate for what i am asking

Request: Looking to trade my team to someone and having them trade back for boosted exp.

Further info: I just want to get some more exp for the next coming gym. the pokes are about 55-60 but i My pokes are around 47-51

I will do that, in exchange for an IV stone

i will train them all up10-15 lvl’s

i mean you could do it yourself, just takes a little time

I only had the one IV Stone the game gives you and haven’t been able to come across another. I traded it away already :frowning:

Have you tried the level trainer in your Secret Base?

yeah, thats what i meant, to use the level trainer for it

never bought the secret base. where is it?

Sorry but your request is too weird. :alien:

@TechneR hahahaha thanks haha :smile:

You can buy a secret base in Metchi Town.

Oh okay. btw what would be the best type of secret base is?

It doesn’t really matter which one you choose, but I believe the mini evil base doesn’t have a friend safari yet.

whats a mini evil base?

One of the secret base types.

sounds fun gonna make it that one then.

Just be sure to EV train if you’re going to use the Level Trainer in your Secret Base as it only adds to the HP stat. :blush: