Weird Message

Recently I got delta Hoopa and activated its unbound form and went to train it, however whenever I send it out a strange pop up shows up. If I press ok it just closes and the game continues but I’m rather worried of what it could be.
The pop up is called libpng warning and reads:
iCCP: CRC error

CNxFile Object:
I’m not sure if I should be worried there’s a problem with my files or not and I have confirmed that it only happens with delta hoopa unbound. If anyone understands what’s happening Id be grateful for the help.

Hi, were you using screen large, it causes some technical errors like that one but there’s no need to worry at all.

Yes so that might have been the problem, just find more comfortable to play with the bigger screen. Thanks I was getting slightly worried that the issue might escalate.

Edit: Nevermind just checked with normal size and the pop up still appeared. extract this into your Graphics folder

Thanks this actually fixed it.