Weird challenge run

So there I was (if anyone gets this reference I will cry)
I had just finished my first ever nuzlocke (Pokemon Emerald) and needed something new to play. I decided to go back to Pokemon insurgence and do some sort of challenge run. I looked at the forums for suggestions and noticed the trend of challenge runs. So I decided to do a randomized hard mode wedpocalocke (cross between a wedlocke and apocaLocke). I most likely won’t start this run until tomorrow though. Wish me luck!

Edit: realized that one of the apocaLocke options is a wedlocke couple so I’m replacing that with the technician role: after the mon participated in 3 plus major battles I get an extra encounter.

Also here are the rules I will be using for the apocaLocke portion, except for some exceptions that interfere with the wedlocke half of it


Alright I rolled the dice and got a fourteen, which means I can only use Normal, Rock, Ground, Steel, and Ghost types.

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I now have my first pokemon, Yuko the sabelye!

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Off to a good start. What role does he have?

I decided that the starter would just be a lucky survivor so I wouldn’t have to reset a bunch if I got unlucky

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Ok, fair enough.

Well now it feels like a regular run

Never mind I just killed it

I need your opinion on this

while its a normal type, its evolutions aren’t, so should I catch it or not

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I think it’s fine, so u can use any Eeveelution, most of the time Azumarill is not worth keeping in Nuzlocke type runs.

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Well then, welcome Ruffle the Schizophrenic to the team

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Noice, Adamant would have been better, for BD Huge Power sets. Calm is ok, not good tho.

We also have our first couple, Ruffle and Yuko

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Well she has thick fat so it’s ok.

Ok, Calm isn’t bad for a wall, tho it doesn’t have much natural bulk. Are you planning on M. Sableye? then you would have a bulky stall couple, also what role is Azurill?

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If I get a mega stone, I’m definitely giving Yuko it, also Ruffle is a schizophrenic,

a man with a baby…ewwwwwww


azurill is a baby pokemon. sableye is NOT.

Oh ok