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Weather wars


Anyways, I really wanted to host a tourney, so im holding it now. Not much else to say bout it.


You wanna know the prize? The prize is… Bragging rights AND a shiny version of your weather setter, as long it’s not a delta or a legendary, I hating hunting them. As an added bonus, if you somehow manage to win with a dual wether team, I’ll shiny hunt both of them.
Sidenote: if you have some sorta psycho team with more than 2 different weather setters, I’ll be shiny hunting only 2 of them if you win

The rules are simple:

Here’s the bracket to see who you’re going up against.

-Only insurgence ou pkmn are allowed, which means no ubers or ag mon. All other mons are fair play.
-If your using baton pass, only 3 pkmn max should know it
-evasion clause
-All battles must be seen by me, either as a replay or in real time
-Your team must have a weather around which atleast 3 of your members (not including the weather setter{s}) revolve
-All your teams must be cleared to me. You can either pm or discord me at Boggaspotatoe#6476
-All the battles will be held on the insurgence battle sim, singles format
-You must utilize your weather. For example, you cannot have a pkmn with rain dance on your team and NOT utilize

As and extra added bonus, the winner has to beat… Me! Tho this is completely optional, and has a consequence of you lose. If you win, you get 15 IV stones, but if lose, you owe me 10 IV stones. Or we could just battle for fun you choose.
Looking for 8 participants as i don’t want this tourney too be too long

If your name has a :white_check_mark: next to it, it means your team is cleared

1 @GiaPeNiw :white_check_mark:
2 @Aj2005 :white_check_mark:
3 @Firefiber733339 :white_check_mark:
4 @MadArcanist :white_check_mark:
5 @JojoBoss247 :white_check_mark:
6 @BackInBlack :white_check_mark:
7 @Aki (disqualified)
8 @poke :white_check_mark:


If you do use a delta weather setter, I’ll shiny hunt a regular weather setter instead


I’m in


Count me in


Both of yall are in

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Also, will the battles happen in the sim since u can now apparently open it?

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Wait Boggas, does the weather setter need to have Weather Abilities ( Drizzle, Noctem etc) or it just has to know rain dance or new moon for example @Boggaspotatoe

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It can be a prankster setter, yes

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Or anything idrc

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Also, we have to have the same team throughout the tourney right




I’ll try, I’m horrible at team building but I know what suits a team and what doesn’t.

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Your in

Can I join?

Where am I on the list?

Number 5 @JojoBoss247

Yes, your in

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Well I g2g cya tmrw probly I dunno