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Way to tell that your ditto works as masuda?

So I have what I’m assuming is a masuda d ditto (from the discord) and I was wondering if there is any way to actually tell that the ditto works?

I don’t believe so. I never saw any physical indication that my Masuda D. Ditto was from the region I was told, so I guess you just have to go by word of mouth. The other, much more convoluted and time-consuming option, would be to test the Masuda one versus a non-Masuda one and see which produces more shiny Pokemon. Again, extremely unwieldy, but that’s the only metric I know of to test.


Ah alright, that clears it up, it’s just I’ve been hatching shroomish as a break from victini and I’ve already hatched well over 512 eggs (I just stopped counting after that) and still no shiny.

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Fair enough. RNG makes things especially “fun”, but I’m sure you’ll get your shiny soon enough.

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You aren’t guranteed to get a shiny by the time the odds matchup, it’s actually inly a 66% chance by 512 in your case. Probability is weird. I’ve seen cases of people going 6 times over odds

yeah ik, I still just found it a bit odd that I haven’t gotten the shiny yet considering my recent terrible shiny luck

I got a random shiny delta scyther from a masuda delta ditto in this game. But if it’s any consolation, good luck.

Are there translations for insurgence? Cuz in that case it’s gonna be pretty easy to figure out if your ditto is masuda.

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True if you’re getting a delta ditto from a Chinese computer wouldn’t the nickname be in Chinese characters?


no it’s name is in english lol

That’s weird

I think the Masuda ditto I got from someone was named Gigolo.

I mean my masuda delta ditto says it enjoys being with the (Insert Pokemon Name), when I put my reg delta ditto it says they don’t like each other :P.

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i enjoy eating pizza

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oh really? I’m going to have to test that out