Waterfall and missing Mega Stones

I saw that a new update is coming soon. I don’t know how to update the game and with all of my Pokemon being at level 60 or higher (apart from a Minun that I’ll trade for Delta Minun once I reach the Battle Frontier) I’m scared of accidentally deleting my progress when I update it. But I’ll worry about that when the update comes.

Anyway, I miss Waterfall which is a better move than Aqua Tail. Additionally the Houndoominite, Reuniclite, Aerodactylite and Delta Sunflorite should also be added in. A Slakingite, Slowkingite, Butterfrite Dunsparcite, Farfetch’dite, Rapidashite (although that has a curse word in it) and a Mega Stone for all the Starter Pokemon that don’t already have one would also be appreciated (Greninja all but has a Mega Evolution already; just give Ash Greninja a Mega Stone and Protean instead of Battle Bond and it’ll be set) but I guess you’re not going to include those at all.

If you’re on windows, fret not. The save locations are in a different directory from your core. If you’re on Mac, you still don’t have anything to worry about since you are able to back up your saves. (You can back up the saves on windows as well.)

The mega stones should be available before the game loses support, but I’m also hoping that the next patch fixes them.

What about those Mega Evolutions I suggested? A pegasus Mega-Rapidash and a Mega-Slaking with a lower Speed stat (to stop it from being nigh on impossible to defeat) that is made up for by a massive boost to its Special Defence and a useful Ability would be great.

Also, why would the game be losing support? It seems to be very popular.

The devs have other projects they might wanna work on, such as Pokemon Epsilon, or a life to live. This project cannot be profited off of due to a looming threat of action being taken and it actually costs money on behalf of the devs due to online requiring servers to function.

So the greedy assholes at Gamefreak are trying to shut you down? By the way, thanks to the developers for giving time and money to make this game.