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Was hunting for Adamant D. Torchic, but got this


R.I.P the 4% chance of getting adamant, say hello to the 0.024% chance of getting a shiny instead.

ayyy congrats man! Not every day that you get something like this xD
I’ll trade u an adamant HA one for that ;)) << but if you’re genuinely interested i can do a whole bunch of bred mons for it OuO

Actually, I was planning on using it for the challenge championship because of a strategy someone told me, which explains why this Torchic has perfect IV’s, so I’m afraid It’s not for sale, sorry :l
I do have a shiny Ampharos and shiny Arbok that I’m not sure if I want to keep, hmm…

ah yis wild’s durant strat, that’s smart :))
if you are interested in trading one of the shinies (i’m interested in the ampharos OuO) then i can do that same ada HA d torchic plus other bredmons for it :))

It’s okay, I don’t need the Adamant Torchic, my Torchic came with a pretty good nature anyway. I’ll take a look at your “bred deltas/mons” post and see something that catches my eye. I know one pokemon is definitely not worth a shiny, but I also want to complete the pokedex, so I’ll look for a pokemon I haven’t yet got :slight_smile:

ah sure that work, just lmk what interests you,. And yeah i’m offering 3 bredmons for the shiny, but if you have any random mons you would like instead i can switch up the deal :))