Wanting to get delta petlil both forms

Trading Name: valentineyevon

Offer: i have a v stone but not much else

Request: delta petlil water/fire and delta petilil fairy

Further info: i saw i cant get these till much later and liligant is my favorite pokemon was wondering if any kind soul would trade me these two so i can play more of the game than the very end with them.

all 3 or just 1 pokemon ? if that is the case which one , ps my trading name is: zbluered

Delta petilil water and delta petilil fairy

iā€™m ready to trade (but you appear offline) , trading name: zbluered

Online now

are u sure ur name is valentineyevon ?? well, log in the Dexnav (d) an lets trade

Thank you much. Have a wonderful day

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was a plesure :smiley:

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