Wanting someone to help transfer starters

Trading Name: N/A

Offer: N/A

Request: N/A

Further info:N/A

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you can get all the starters in one savefile without trading

in fact you can get all pokemon without trading

also welcome to the community

How so? I only see a way to get a 2nd (Damien’s). I also don’t wanna wait that long. I wanna play through the game with them, not have them for the dex.

you can get the third from prof sylven after defeating the league and timeless


Back to the main point, I don’t wanna wait until post-game… Wanna be my middle man?

uhh… i cannot play my game right now but someone else may be able to… sorry

Dang. Got anyone you trust and wanna send my way?

uhh… @IndianAnimator may be able to do it

@IndianAnimator How about it?

that was 11o clcokpm for me

yes me too

You wanna be the middle man?

Can’t school wi-fi’s firewall doesn’t let me online…

not really?
just not right now
maybe ask someon on discord? if you have it

Totally would, sorry

@IndianAnimator can you shiny hunt D.ralts for me name price for that?

I tried to get into the Discord but the link didn’t work :confused: What time is it for you rn Derpy?