Want to make teams give me your favorite Pokemons

Can do insurgence mons please give me your very favorites

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What will you do? playing on sim that wasn’t alive or do it in your playthrough?

Delta Meloetta magician, mega jirachi, mega Chatot and mega Marowak, delta froslass, and delta Gallade are really cool.

And obviously delta Sunflora is my favorite.

Marshadow is not in insurgence nor Alolan Raichu. So you got Mega Gardevoir left.

Gardevoir @ Gardevoirite
Ability: Trace
EVs: 16 HP / 8 Def / 232 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

  • Hyper Voice
  • Psyshock
  • Focus Blast
  • Taunt

I just want to make strategy for fun i will use them and give feedback

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Please just give me Pokemon not moves and items


Look at my post.

oWo, that’s cool

OK, here it is: Heracross

My absolute favorite pokémon is Mew, make it as you please/need.

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yes mew is good

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pokemon are mew, lucario, D. Haxorus, tyranitar, and d. gallade

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Since most of you gave more than one, can I give more than one too?

i think he wanted us a few

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Favorite Wallbreaker:
Mega Gardevoir, already gave you.

Favorite pivot:

Favorite sweeper:
Moxie Dragon Dance Gyarados or Mega Typhlosion.

Favorite hazard setter:

Favorite defogger:

Favorite Stallbreaker:
Taunt Gliscor

Favorite Spinner:

Favorite Spinblocker:

Favorite Revenge Killer:
Scizor/Choice Scarf Landorus-T.

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I just like the arcues and rayquaza fusion on your profile picture


I have too much free time on my hands…

Opening this is a bad idea

Normal Fighting Flying Poison Ground Rock Bug Ghost Steel Fire Water Grass Electric Psychic Ice Dragon Dark Fairy
Snorlax Lucario Charizard Nidoking Nidoking Tyranitar Shuckle Giratina Lucario Charizard Poliwrath Rowlet Ampharos Mew Delibird Giratina Tyranitar Gardevoir
Bewear Primeape Rowlet Gengar Garchomp Shuckle Yanmega Gengar Empoleon Blaziken Slowbro Venusaur Luxray Gardevoir Cubchoo Garchomp Umbreon Clefable
Regigigas Bewear Lugia Nidorino Donphan Tyrantrum Butterfree Mimikyu Perrserker Charmander Gyarados Bulbasaur Electivire Mewtwo Dewgong Dracovish Darkrai Mimikyu
Staraptor Poliwrath Gyarados Venusaur Golurk Gigalith Beedrill Haunter Togedemaru Flareon Feraligatr Jumpluff Pichu Lugia Lapras Dragonite Pangoro Ralts
Ditto Blaziken Delibird Haunter Gliscor Golem Vivillon Golurk Metagross Arcanine Dracovish Grookey Zapdos Slowbro Eiscue Tyrantrum Spiritomb Klefki
Blissey Conkeldurr Staraptor Bulbasaur Golem Rhyperior Caterpie Cofagrigus Klefki Raboot Empoleon Celebi Pachirisu Wobbufett Arctozolt Dratini Morpeko Kirlia
Wooloo Chesnaught Yanmega Beedrill Torterra Kabutops Scolipede Drifblim Corviknight Scorbunny Totodile Torterra Dedenne Victini Glaceon Palkia Yveltal Azumarill
Rattata Pangoro Butterfree Muk Runerigus Aggron Joltik Runerigus Aegislash Darmanitan Piplup Groovyle Pikachu Espurr Cloyster Rayquaza Krookodile Clefairy
Pidgeot Zamazenta Dragonite Scolipede Rhyperior Rhydon Forretress Decidueye Copperajah Charmeleon Blastoise Leafeon Raikou Celebi Articuno Dragonair Scrafty Jigglypuff
Eevee Gallade Vivillon Dragalge Phanpy Aerodactyl Centiskorch Aegislash Aggron Quilava Poliwag Steenee Yamper Ralts Cryogonal Dragalge Zoroark Hatterene

Every position is just my personal opinion about their design and it doesn’t reflect anything else

That is a lot of damage

I agree that Ampharos is the best electric type.