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Want ♀️ Delta Munchlax

Trading Name: Redstorm0304

Offer: Rare Candy

Request: Female Delta Munchlax

Further info: Would like a low level please. Highest lvl 10.

does it need to be a munchlax? I got a lvl 1 d snorlax with decent IVs:

could also breed u one. Do you happen to have any IV stones ur willing to give up? I could breed u one w better IVs if you’re up for that :))

I’m ok with your offer, and thank you for offering.

the snorlax works?

Ye. I forgot that Munchlax is something you have to intend to breed.

Plus, I forgot to ask for overcoat, so yay!

And one more thing, sorry to be a bit unnecessarily needy, but would you please rename it “Redstorm”?

oh perfect!
alright, I’m ready now, ign is hulaunicorns, lmk when you’re online

and sure (but btw you can still rename it after we trade :))

Oh. I’m remembering the rules for the normal games…

yeah np, I’m just letting you know :))

And I’m ready when you are. Thanks for the beaute!

thanks for the rare candy! and yeah np, hope it helps you :))

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