Want Delta Male Ralts

Trading Name: Scorps

Offer: Anything before route 4 i can get except deltas:)

Request: Male Delta Ralts

Further info:

does it need to be a male ralts? I have a male delta kirlia w a dawn stone already equipped if u want

oh yeah that’ll work when will you be on next and what do you want (i have played upto vipik city)

hey u still wanna trade?

I’m on now and I’ll probably be on for the next few hours. Do you have a rare candy you’re willing to give up?

sorry i had to go to bed i guess we are in different time zones

and yeah i could giv u a rare candy that i don’t need

thatd be perfect, thanks :))

I’m ET, what time zone are you? we can probs work something out

yeah im on right now do u wanna trade

btw my time zone is utc+6 i guess
i could trade anytime in the next two hours

Oml imma be out for the next 3 hours, so I don’t have access to my computer xD. Will you be free same time tmrw?

I can also do today until midnight, which I believe will be 11 o’clock your time?

sorry i dont think i can do 11 but tomorrow im free from 7 pm to 10 pm in my time tomorrow :slight_smile:

oof I actually can’t do that time anymore sorry (the event today ran late and I really need to catch up on sleep xD)

I’ll probably be able to do anytime past 12pm my time, which unfortunately is 11pm to 11am your time. Are there any times that you will be free during the week between 2am and 11am (ik 2am is unrealistic I’m just laying out the max amount of time I’ll be free).

ill be free during this thursday and friday (2am) in my time zone. i may also be free during saturday around 9am but that is not likely.

ok we can do 2am ur time on Thursday then. dm me when you get free then and we can trade :))


hey dude we gonna trade tonight at 2am (my time) right?

Yeah! Thanks for reminding me tho.

hey u on right now i could trade

sure I’m ready now, lmk when ur ready

trade name’s hulaunicorns in case I didn’t say that before