Wanna evolve some stuff (new save) DONE

Trading Name: greenation1

Offer: nothing

Request: nothing

Further info: i have a metal coat onix and i wanna evolve it. i know there’s the witchdoctor in helios but i just got to suntouched. just get a trashmon, trade it to me, and trade back the evolved steelix.

Yo dawg heard yo wanna trade tag meh when yo ready and btw ma trading name is DarkFlame k bai kek

alright @yash im online, on your go

k dawg waitoo

on yo go @insaneguy1083

Alright, I got your Rotom. Now trade it back.

k go

wtf wheres my steelix???

WTF is this a glitch i have my rotom

@sleepy i think theres a glitch. we both have a rotom and i lost my onix

I think this is a bug dun worry i have an extra steelix ill give it to ya wait

what level is it?

15 never used it

ok i can take it i guess…

go now

k have fun dawg ill release this extra rotom

alright thanks. didn’t come out quite the way i expected it to, but i get a steelix in the end, so its fine

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