Volkner Trainer Mod

Since 1.2 is getting closer and closer, I’ve made a mod so I can play as Volkner on my playthrough. I thought some of you might enjoy it as well so here you go:


You may experience clipping errors due to customization. If that happens, simply go back to one of the default looks (purple hair, black/yellow shirt, etc) Also credits go to art-56 who created the backsprites, which I used as a base and tweaked a little.


How to use:

  1. backup your Graphics folder
  2. copy the 2 folders into the Graphics folder and overwrite everything
  3. if you encounter clipping errors, switch your clothes

PS I’d be happy if a more experienced spriter would improve the backsprites (after upscaling they came out kinda shitty)

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Moved to artwork because this is not a clothing submission this is just a character mod.