Victory Road - Frost Crashing Issue

I’m currently at the first ice puzzle in victory road. I’ve discovered that if I travel too many tiles in one direction on ice, my game will crash. Unfortunately, the correct path for the first ice puzzle is 2 tiles too long, so I literally cannot progress anymore. What do I do?

First, welcome to the forums. Second, you may be missing some sprites. Can I get a screenshot of the crash?

The game crashes around the white line I drew if I get there from the other side of the map. It doesnt crash if I travel there from like halfway through the map, however.

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Are you using an emulator??

I am using an emulator. Its the Joiplay one.

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Yep. That is the reason. Emulators annot handle games like this.

do u have a laptop/pc

cant u transfer the safe file

Is there anything I can do about this? This is the first issue ive ran across in my entire playthrough :confused:

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You need to use a pc and download the core, THEN extract it and finally, play.

As @poke said. You need to transfer the save to a pc.

what device are u using

I could try that. Would i basically just download it on my laptop, move the save file to my laptop, fix it, and then move on?

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yess i guess
if itz a prob with ur device/emulator

Yep. These save files, I think, will be under C:\Users[Username]\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence.

If I recall correctly, slot 1 is named game.rxdata, slot 2 is game_01.rxdata, and slot 3 is game_02.rxdata. You should be able to switch around slots by renaming the save files. For example, to change slot 2 to slot 1, take game_01.rxdata and remove the _01.

Please make sure to back up your files first, though, in case something goes wrong.

I’m using an LGv40 with Joiplay, which is an emulator I can use for a game like this so its controls work correctly (it has premapped controls for many PC games)

oh so u know how to transfer save file from mobile.
it really sucks that u reach till the victory road and then crashes

Thanks! I guess I’ll be doing file stuff tonight lol

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Do you know where the saves are on moble??

I know right! After the 3rd time it crashed and I figured out why it was crashing, I was getting so annoyed that i got so far just to lose all my progress lol

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Get them, email them to yourself, and go to your pc, and get your saves from there and then, put them in the location.