Victory road ball and team advice

So I just have two questions. Just got to victory road and there is (as it says) a broken empty ball on the first leg of the route. Does anybody know what that is for or even if its for anything? Second question is Im not sure what items I should have on my pokemon. Here is what I have on them right now (I know its not a great team but im not changing it so dont tell me to ok)

D Charizard (mega stone) D Scizor (mega stone) D Gallade (kings rock) Flygon (armour) D Bisharp (focus sash) D metagross spider (leftovers)

Thanks in advance

The broken poke ball does nothing.

your team is fine, but when you reach the pokemonn league, make sure your lvl 85 before you face it.

Lol. Ok so just a suze troll lol

Well im past that. Already getting 86s. Thanks though that helps a lot