Very Long Wild and Trainer Battles Loading Times?

Hello! I just downloaded Pokemon Insurgence yesterday! I am not really a computer person, but I just followed the download directions for my Mac.

The game is excellent so far, except for the extreme lag when the game transitions into battles. It lags at other loading screens as well, but since battles are very frequent it is by far the bigger issue.

In any case, does anyone know why this is happening? I am not really very tech savvy. Did I do something incorrectly when I dowloaded it?

I would really appreciate the help! I think that this is the best pokemon game ever made, and a true testament to what the franchise could be with more passion and fan directed creative vision - I would really love for it to be playable on my computer :slight_smile:

For those who this means anything to, here are my computer specs:macOS Big SurVersion 11.5.1MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)Chip Apple M1Memory 8GBMacintosh HD Flash Storage 115.15GB available of 245.11GB

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Try This (note:Before u install the patch,load the normal game and change window size to normal. And then run the path u could also use the entire game with the patch but that’s Ur choice.)
And insurgence is preety slow,it’s nothing abnormal.


Thank you! I will try this tonight and get back to you!

But on my computer it takes almost a minute for battle to load. To adjust music volume in “options” is the same for every single click down from 100. I have seen videos, and what is happening on my computer just isn’t comparable.the game on my computer is presently unplayable :confused: Hopefully the patch will help!

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Try pressing ‘M’ while ingame to change the gamespeed setting, if you have it too high it can be hard on your computer and slow down the game where it might not on a lower setting. When you press ‘M’ it will cycle between the 4 speed settings which are: Default - no icon, Speed1 - green icon, Speed2 - orange icon, and Speed3 - red icon. Try them all out and see which one works best, I usually find Speed1 to be the fastest.

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Has there been a solution to this? I have the same exact issue as you and I really want to play the game so if anyone knew how to solve it that would be much appreciated. I think it might just have something to do with specifically M1 macbooks.