Venomous + Toxic Spikes?

Hi there, maybe it’s an off-topic question because it would be really OP but, does Toxic Spikes work with Venomous? For example, would one layer of Toxic Spikes placed by a Delta Luxray always inflict Toxic Poisonning?

Just did a quick search, and none of the pokemon with the venomous ability learn toxic spikes anyways :))

Delta Luxray does thou!

I have looked for this info and no one really knows. Also, Echothethird’s character in-game has a Venomous D-Luxray with Toxic spikes, so I hoped I could find an answer in battle gameplays. Nevertheless, in each one I found, D-Luxray sets two layers of Toxic Spikes or dies before setting any.

My only hopes are this forum’s knowledge or My own research potentially wasting one of my two Dream Mists once I get to the guy during playthrough xD

EDIT: corrections of my spanish corrector’s misspelling.

EDIT2: If I don’t have an answer till getting the opportunity to experiment myself, I will gladly post the results of my investigation in the forum.

oh haha yeah i had checked d shinx but not d lux.
Here’s what happens with one layer of toxic spikes:

and here’s with 2:

so to answer your question, no it does not act like toxic ;3


Thanks a lot dude! My short Dream Mist storage is in your debt <3

PD: Now is time to take a try with a Vampiric build.


no problemo :)) good luck with that, hope it works out better than this did xD