Value of 4 IV perfect nature pokemon?

I have some perfect nature 4-5 IV pokemon. What would you guys value them at? How many for a shiny?

Six for a shiny? Three if Ev trained. Only the 5ivs apply here

Ah ok. thanks.

An IV stone each at most.

You can trade them for practically anything, from evolution stones to a shiny delta or shiny legendary. It’d just depends on you and the person you’re trading with, the number of 4-5IV pokemon depends on the person you’re trading with, your interest in what the other person is offering and what you’re willing to offer. It’s subjective. Same for trading them in exchange for shinies. For me, they’re practically worthless since I can breed anything I need but for a new person who’s not willing or doesn’t have the time, they’re a good offer.

Case in point, I’d never offer 6 for a shiny jiggypuff or a shiny shedinja but I’ve seen the shedinja being traded for 5 bred pokemon and the jigglypuff for just one. Without EV training both times and no egg moves for the jigglypuff trade. And some people would sometimes request even 2 to 4 IV stones if the breeding chain is long or or if it’s an even more tedious breeding(Like HP fire budew, cause both HP fire IVs, nature and incense for it to be a budew if you’re going for extrasensory).

Tl;dr: It’s subjective.

they are worth nothing coz we actually give 5 iv perfect anture with 4 egg moves with pokerus for free.

Yeah that is very true. Im either gonna find someone who’s willing to trade at least IV stones. Or just throw them in WT next update.

Hey mind telling me what round 5 prize did you want? An umbreon like this

or a volcarona with 5iv also?

Lovely name! :smiley: