Upgrading to the new MKXP-Z engine?

I think this would be a nice performance upgrade but I don’t code at all otherwise I would do it myself, how hard would it be to upgrade the game to run like pokemon reborn, pokemon daylight and Pokemon Bushido for example? I really think it would be a significant improvement even without content added, though I know devs are focused now on Pokemon Epsilon if im not mistaken.


next update it might be added

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Thank you, that gives me enough hope.

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Did 1ofthe4rocketbros actually say that we’ll get it, or is it speculation?

crim said itt mght be added

I managed to create my own version, realized the problem with implementing this is the H-mode 7(3d mode) plugin which does not work with mkxp-z, so I use rgss player for soaring and mkxp-z for everything else, still an improvement in my eyes though.

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Screenies please.

the fact the window is easily resizable should be proof enough and yeah the game (atleast what works) runs so much faster and overall I prefer it even with the workarounds like using the old version for specific parts of the game and I recommend the font style R/S as the other ones are blurry.
Soaring wont work with this(based on the 3d plugin) therefore the late game content bit with soaring needs to be played with old rgss player and Im pretty sure devs are aware of this, that plugin and time is very likely the reason they havent updated the game yet.

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ya know modding insurg isnt allowed right

wait even if I dont share it? this is like a project im playing with im not doing anything bad but I can stop if u wish.

just dont share it

Alright cheers, I will enjoy it myself :smiley:

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nah if you dont share youre good

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This is amazing…