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Updating the "BATTLING" link of the page

Sooo since someone (Gies) actually made a custom showdown server to feature all deltas, megas, items etc wynaut change the battling link to this? yeah its not official but its fully updated and you can use future gen stuff if you want.

heres the original post


prob not

It’s not finished, he is mainly working on Gen 8, though I asked him to fix some Gen 6 stuff. Also, custom items currently don’t work.

they work in AG im p sure

the custom items,i mean

no there’s a draft delta dex it only works there


ok lol

gimme a min

ok ij.

just tested and items work in AG

He just fixed them.

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ah that explains it. noice

I am still working on it but at the very least it works better than the current battle simulator

True dat