I’ve been waiting for an update for ages. Quick question, should I update the game now, doing it one patch at a time, or can I update it with all the patches once patch 1.3.0 comes out?

The 1.2.5 update that just came out is a core, not a patch, so there’s no need to patch it on top of your 1.2.3/1.2.4, just install and run Game.exe.
As for 1.3, I cannot say for certain, but it would be reasonable to assume that 1.3 would also be a core, not a patch.

A core and a patch doesn’t really mean anything to me because I’m not a programmer. That’s why I’m not sure how the uploading process works. Hell, I don’t even know the difference between uploading and downloading so I just put uploading in the previous sentence as a gamble on the 50/50 chance that I’m right.

Ahhh, apologies I understand now.

Firstly, you should definitely get the new 1.2.5 update, it fixes many many bugs, some game-breaking. You don’t have to do any “one patch at a time” stuff, just install using the download link found in the current forums pinned message and run the game.

Secondly, what I mean by “core” is that it contains everything in the game, this update or not. This is compared to a patch, where it’s solely the files that are new to the update.

And sorry, I am no computer wiz either, I’m unsure what you mean by uploading something?