Update Question

When the new update comes out, (I am on will the players who had to wait get a gift? I think you guys did this for this game in the past, if i remember rightly. If so, what sort of thing would it be? Maybe a shiny, a shiny delta, even a new delta if you make new ones! Thanks!

You mean like a mystery gift?

There probably will be but idk cause im not a dev

There have been Mystery Gifts people who were playing the game could collect, among which several shinies, which other players likely wont have.

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I meant will there be a special one for players who beat the story so far? I have seen other games doing this and its a great way to encourage people to play the game now rather than when it is complete. Plus it gives a reward for players who had to wait for the game to update rather than everyone being able to get it.

The mystery gifts have been released while waiting for the final update (for both new players and players who beat the current story). Such as at Halloween, players could get a Delta Whooper, when 1.2 gets released, there most likely will be a mystery gift ( Most likely, but only devs know for sure). If there is one during the release, It’s for everybody not just players who beat it so far, though. You can see all the past mystery gifts that players who waited could receive here: https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Mystery_Gift