Update for those of us not on Twitter

Good morning, I know that the devs are pretty mum about the status of the project, so I’m not going to ask about how far 1.2 is coming along. However, I do know that they occasionally post updates on twitter, which I’m not interested in using (for various reasons I don’t really feel like going into.) With that in mind, are there any recent (within the last month or so) updates that have been posted on twitter for those of us who don’t visit twitter? I’m sure I’m not the only one who avoids it but would like to know.


Umm, two weeks ago he posted a screenshot of a lvl 110 wild Groudon, so cool.

That’s the only one I remember from the last month, but a few days ago he tweeted saying that he doesn’t know when 1.2 is done, so youtubers should stop asking.

He said that people should stop asking YouTubers when it’s going to be done because even he doesn’t know.


I see, thanks for clarifying.