Update 1.1.8

Hi there! I was just wondering, does update 1.1.8 include storyline and new areas? Because I don’t see much in the patchnotes. Thanks!

It’s not an update, it’s a patch. Only updates have new content, next update is 1.2. Anything released before will be a patch.

ETA for 1.2: Currently, the Developers of Insurgence are holding their tongues on an update release date in order to not give the audience expectations of when 1.2 should come out. The only confirmation that we can give is the core devs plan to be finished with Insurgence Content as soon as possible. Updates regarding progress sometimes will be posted on either the devs’ twitter or on discord sometimes.

@Sleepy Cannot wait until next update woop!

It’s not 2016 anymore…

I play randomizer for fun and have a rayqaza but can the new update, whether it is already planned or not, include a dragon ascent move tutor.

This thread has nothing to do with that. If you want to ask a question, start a new thread. Also, it’s been dead for 5 months. By posting on it, you brought a resolved topic back up to the top.