Unreleased Story Speculation (SPOILERS)

I’ve noticed some things that click together. At the game’s current end of the demo, it appears that there are only four cults left: Cult of Darkrai, Sky Cult, Infernal Cult, and Perfection.

Who is the traitor mentioned in the Oracle’s Prophecy? First of all, it could be Nora, because as soon as it’s mentioned, Nora goes crazy, and the Oracle says Nora can’t avoid fate. It sounds like he meant Nora would be the traitor, at least that’s what I thought. But there’s also reasoning for why it could be Damian, too. The Oracle mentions that the traitor would also defeat all the cults (besides the Infernal Cult). And Nora had no role in defeating the Abyssal Cult. It was also as if Damian is responsible for the end of Abyssal Cult, due to Audrey turning down Damian’s offer to join the whole Deoxys thing. After all, due to that, Damian ended the Abyssal Cult by killing Audrey by releasing Kyogre. All the player does is battle Audrey. So if the traitor is meant to destroy all the cults except the Infernal Cult, and Damian destroyed the Abyssal Cult, and that’s obviously one cult needed destruction, and if one hero destroyed one cult, that means that same hero, which is Damian, must destroy Sky, Darkrai, and Perfection as well. But what’s confusing about this is Damian did it because he got the Deoxys virus. Taking all of this in, does it debunk Nora and the player being the traitor? Maybe. I’m still not sure.

There are title screens in the game’s files that aren’t shown in the game. I’ve seen Heatran, Deoxys, Darkrai, and Giratina. Heatran: Sounds like something the Infernal Cult wants. Deoxys: Perhaps there may be an arc bent on Damian and Malde summoning Deoxys. Darkrai: Persephone might try summoning it again. Giratina: It would make sense if Jaern had something to do with it. I think Perfection will just go after something else and then attempt to get Reshiram back from Orion, or they’ll focus on something entirely new?

Future areas mentioned on the map? Gaea Town: East of Hekate Town. Going further east is a route back to Helios City.

Oranos Town: East of Selene City and north of Gaia Town. Going further east goes toward the mountains Nora spoke of after the final (current) battle with Taen.

Amphitrite City: East of Oranos Town. Could be the location of the seventh gym.

Deyraan Town: East of Amphirite City.

Gates of Hell: It’s mentioned to be in Deyraan Town, similar to the Jade Tower in Helios City. It sounds fire-related, and Deyraan Town is in the mountains, which is where Zenith said the Infernal Cult would be. It sounds like Heatran will be there, it being connected to the game, and the only legendary that would make sense there.

Narra Town: Southeast of Deyraan Town. Candidate for the eighth gym, I’m not sure.

Nexa Town: Northeast of Narra Town. Sounds like where preparations are made for the Pokemon League.

Victory Road: North of Nexa Town.

Pokemon League: North of Victory Road.

It doesn’t show another city after Amphitrite City, so I’m thinking it’s either not on the map, or it’s in a town. Also, I don’t think there’s enough time to destroy four cults after the sixth gym until the Pokemon League. The only way this could work is if the game has things after you become the Champion, or before the Pokemon League and everything, it has you backtrack to certain areas to continue the story.


Goodness Nora ending up the traitor would just make her just about the worst person ever… Given that she is already a terrible person, a horrible pokemon trainer, and honestly the noose around your neck.

In fact… She would be MORE helpful on the enemy’s team.

Hum indeed, i thought that the traitor the prophecy deals with, was the boy who is infected with the pokerus, Audrey’s sons ( Grrr I try but i don’t remember his name ). Like we see him transform in a " Deoxys ", i thought that was the " betrayal ".

Perso, in start screen i have Heatran, so i think it’s the next pkmn that infernal cults try to catch. I remember that the Start Screen change with the story, the pkmn on the start screen is the next we’ll meet.

Really? I didn’t know it appeared after defeating Taen.

I hope that i will not spoil you ^^ Just after we’ve defeated Audrey, his mother, it appears, and it appears to be infected with pokerus, like the old men in the hospital. So i think that he is the " traitor ". But i can be wrong.

Oh, don’t worry about it. I know the whole story.

Ouf, for a moment i said to myself " oh no i have a spoil the story ! " ^^ But i can be wrong, maybe is not him the traitor and it will be Nora, or maybe, the traitor will be us ! It can be a very interesting switch that for a reason or another ( a good reason ), we’ve got to betrayal Nora.

“The Betrayer” will join up with Team Inferno (or W/E the fire cult is again) :smiley: so for now atleast it isn’t Damian, it still could be though, could any of the 3 protagonists :smiley:

Another thing is that the gym leader for Amphitrite City is Diana’s boyfriend, named Calreath, and has a rain-themed gym.

The only types that haven’t been used yet are Water, Rock, Fighting, Ground, Ice, and Dark.

So Rain obviously has Water. Other likely candidates are Ground or Ice, that’s my view. Or perhaps the other type is something that was used already.