Unplayable Bug on Title Screen

I am on Mac, and have played Insurgence for a couple of weeks at this point with no serious problems until now. When I reach the title screen with Zekrom on it saying “press enter”, if I try to press enter, Zekrom’s cry repeats over and over again with weird backing music that also seems to loop. I can enter the game, but it does not stop the repeating cry. Turning down the music and sound volume options doesn’t do anything, so the only way I can play the game is with my computer on mute. This didn’t happen when Kyogre was on the title screen, but then it switched to Zekrom. Is there any way I can fix this? With it eventually rotate to another legendary?

This happened to me too on Mac. The legendary on the title screen will eventually switch out for a new one (after you play past a certain point in the game), so the “starting the game up with annoying looping growl” issue will go away (and the sound does stop eventually, more on that at the end of this paragraph), but the bug itself seems to happen even when Zekrom is played in game. So you can’t really acquire or play against Zekrom without this annoying bug on Mac. I haven’t actually caught Zekrom yet but the issue happened when I fought against him in a battle later on (first happened at dragon ruins). The audio seems to stop looping after other Pokemon (with their own noises that only play once) are deployed in a battle.

So I had this too and did a bit of digging - you can delete the sound file without causing any glitches (as far as I’ve encountered).

Right-click Insurgence -> show package contents -> drive c -> program files -> insurgence core -> audio -> SE -> 644Cry.wav

The sound effects are numbered according to the pokemon’s dex number.

Of course this solution means you’ll never hear Zekrom’s cry again but that’s better than having it on an eternal loop I guess. :man_shrugging:t3: