Unlucky Shiny Eevee Hunter

For the second time my rival got a shiny Eevee from SR … HELP

Can’t you get a shiny Eevee at the beguinning or am I just unlucky as hell?

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Wow, you are just really unlucky, keep at it and you will get it soon enough.

If you want, there is a place where you can find wild Eevees and you dont have to go through a cutscenes before each encounter

The sad thing is that I found this awsome “rom” yesterday, downloaded it today and didn’t even played after the starter choosing … I really want a shiny Umbreon

Heres some tips…

  1. Not a rom. Its a standalone game
  2. Don’t evolve your eevee, there is mega eevee in this game and it is the BEST!
  3. You will get your shiny 3 times faster if you don’t SR from the starter choosing. and you don’t have to deal with your rival getting a shiny either…

1 - that’s why I used the quote marks 2 - Well I don’t know yet but mate umbreon is so nice in shiny - , might keep the eevee

btw … can I get the other starters later on?

thx mate

  1. ok. Its a common misconception here so I was just making sure you knew.
  2. Would you like me to convince you how superior mega eevee is?
  3. Nope, just eevee. You can get the other starters through trading though.

hum ok so I might get other started then thx you helped alot :wink:

one more thing … do you know if delta ones have a shiny edition?

Delta pokemon do have a shiny version. You can view all their sprites on the wiki https://wiki.p-insurgence.com/Delta_Pokémon