Unknown Pokemon Type

I was playing with the Challenge modes Randomized, Mystery Challenge, and Bravery Challenge and I ran into a wild pokemon that I can’t identify. Just as a preemptive clarification, I couldn’t see what pokemon it was because I’m doing the Mystery Challenge. It was genderless, Dark and Normal type moves were not very effective, Dragon had no effect at all, and Water was super effective. It was not a delta type. Help!!!

Was either Carbink or Diancie, which are Rock / Fairy type.

When the battle started, I heard the pokemon’s cry. My first thought after a bit of research was that it was one of those two, however upon comparing their cries, it’s definitely not either of them, which is why I’m really confused.

I mean the only thing immune to dragon is fairy and those two are the only fairies weak to water…

Yeah lmao, that’s why I don’t understand… Maybe a glitch in the game?

Probably not, maybe you misheard the cry?

like cow said the most likely pokemon is carbink or diancie.