Unclear on what else is Randomized, help?

Just downloaded Insurgence, set it to challenge mode and on randomized, noticed that items too were randomized, it said that only important items will remain, but it also said things given by NPCs are randomized, so are both the HMs and the HM replacement Key Items randomized as well? And is there any way to turn off randomized items?

if the important items were randomized you could
fight battle frontier before the 3rd gym
not even be able to leave suntouched city
so that means they aren’t

That’s the thing, I just looked at the wiki, it didn’t really clarify on whether the HMs and HM replacements got randomized, ah well, guess i’ll figure it out as I go, because I got 5 Diancites from the guy in front of Telnor town’s center, so it made me unsure.

he gives pokeballs and diancites are not items u need to beat the game so it doesnt matter