Unable to find Save files

After finally downloading 1.2, i am experiencing trouble with moving my 1.1.8 Saves over to 1.2 I am completely unable to find the save file. Everyone keeps telling me to get the file called Game.rxdata But it is not there. Is that a file type or a specific file? The only files present in my Insurgence 1.18 Folders are.

Audio Folder

Egglock Folder

Eggs Folder

Fonts Folder





Graphics Folder




If it is any of these files please tell me.

Are you on a windows or a Mac?

for windows it would be in drive c users> a file with ur name> and saved games for mac it is in the show package contents and there should be a file named drive c

Well, if he’s on Windows then there’s no need to transfer saves at all.

thats true