k, so, a year ago, before I joined the discord server, my friend challenged me to see how easy the game was with a team of 6 Arceus’s. So I did it and it was easy (ofc). When doing so I noticed that the place I got the Arceus from was “A Faraway Place”. After the challenge I deleted the save file completely, even from recycle bin. I also deleted the Cheat Engine. Then a few months earlier I joined the discord server. So I didn’t have the Cheat Engine installed, neither did I have the save files. So one time in #insurg-help, someone said they got a Shiny Bagon from wondertrade to check whether it is legit. So I asked can you show me the place where you got it from? And as I guessed, it was “A Faraway Place”. So I shared my discovery of “A Faraway Place” means it is a hacked mon. Then the moderators trade banned me. I really hope they can revoke my trade ban, because I want to trade some post-mons my friend needs on his team, so I offered to trade to him bcz I am done with the entire game.

You can ask some of the mods there to help you, cause that happened to me, and I got it revoked

I tried to protest before getting tradebanned but the mods weren’t as understanding.

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I explained the only reason I cheated as well, and the fact that I deleted the save file.

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Yeahhhh, that can happen. I meant directly dming a mod…I’d say go with Crimson cause she’s the kindest one imo

You sure I won’t land up in more troubel.

No…unless you actually did something wrong.

based on my description do you think I did something that is wrong?

Nah, you’ll be fine. Just ask politely and explain the situation properly. They understand when there’s been a misunderstanding. Trust me, I was banned for almost a year until I got it lifted.

k, thx hope this works.

oof, I gotta send friend request…

Nah you can message then if you both are in the discord server


@Firefiber733339 ?

@Firefiber733339 I am not able to DM.

Anyone pls

usually you either ping them in the server and tell them to dm (that’s what i did with one of them). or you could just do it via modmail, though in my experience, it’s a lot slower

I meant directly dming a mod…I’d say go with Crimson cause she’s the kindest one imo. .