Uhmmmm... i legit can't use overworld hms

scizor has cut , when i select a tree, it just says its a tree . the only usable hm for me is fly . somebody help? i have all 8 badges .

  • mew has aura sphere , i can’t break any rock

You can’t use cut to cut down trees. I don’t even know if there are cut trees in the game.

Dunno about the aura sphere problem. Are you making sure to break these certain rocks? If you can’t, it still shouldn’t be a huge deal as it’s purely optional for additional encounters and items.


the trees from the void gauntlet . also , i needed aura sphere because i didn’t know (yesterday) how to use tesseract , so i couldn’t get past the crystal cave

In the void gauntlet, you were supposed to use tesseract on the other side which by the way, barely has anything.

Also you can’t use rock smash to get past the puzzle on the second floor. They’re not the correct type of rock.


also , what do i do after beating the timeless and catching arceus?