So i have a Tyranitar on my team and i have armor for it and the mega stone and was wonder what one is better and what one i should use unless there is a way to have a mega with armor but i dont think so thanks for the help

The armor is probably better than the Mega because it frees up room for another Mega and Tyranitar’s Mega Evolution isn’t super good.

ok thanks and one last thing if you know it when i have the armor on he wont follow is that for everyone or a bug ?

It’s just a bug, it’s supposed to have a follower sprite

Is there any way i can fix it?

Not yet I don’t think, unless you find the sprite in your characters folder in graphics. Then you should be able to just rename it or something. Right now I cannot check

This was actually in another topic. It works for me :slightly_smiling_face: