Two of the same legendary?

So im planning on getting up to 62 boxes as there appears to be no limit to how many boxes you can get from the hacker, trust me, ive searched.

The reason for this is im planning to get every pokemon, normal and shiny, and ordering them in pokedex order, but then i realised about pokemon you cant breed with ditto as, for example, you can breed a durant with a ditto but you cant breed kyurem with ditto so i tried looking up if it was possible to get two of the same legendary but nothing came up.

So now im here asking, is it possible to trade legendaries? because im planning on getting all shiny legendaries but if its impossible to get a second of said legendaries then theres no point in me going through and getting the 925 pokemon in their normal forms + the extra 31 boxes (it takes 31 boxes to have all 925 pokemon in a box at any given point)

P.S. this applies to any pokemon that cant be duplicated by breeding with ditto

It is possible, but it’s gonna be hard to find someone who’s willing to trade away a legendary, let alone a shiny one

i dont want someone to trade me a shiny variant, ill get the shiny myself. i just need a normal variant

Maybe if someone is willing to get the legends on an alt account for you, but you’d have to beat the game up to at least Amphitrite to get Mew. And if you want its alternate forms as well, it’ll take even more time

yea im just going for the normal variant and the shiny variant so the normal variant would be all i need, though i understand it would be difficult to find someone whos willing to play the game again from start to finish just to trade all the unique one time unbreedable pokemon to someone else

I might be able to help though. I am doing a normal mono run but I can catch some legends during the run and after the post game. But if one of them happens to be shiny, you’d think wrong that I wouldn’t keep that lol.

yea no if you manage to catch a shiny legendary you keep that, id do the same XD anyway if you would be willing to do that then thank you so much ^^ only if youre willing to though of course

Hey, I have a mew for you. Do you want it? I got it in my normal mono for you : )

sure although i will have to rush through to unlock trading cause im still at vipik city, when do you unlock trading?

You can trade through Dexnav. Just press D and click the link symbol (second to last button from the left)

oh ok then

You can add me on Discord to speed up the process. Just as a reminder, don’t switch windows or minimize Insurgence when trading, it bugs the trading interface so you can only pick the Pokémon at the front of your party.

My discord name is Egill Úlfar#7127 and trade name is Egill

ok what would you want in return for it?