Two Delta Pokémon builds I’d like help with

I guess I want feedback on what I’m missing, if the ideas make sense, and if something else simply outclasses what I’m trying to do. This applies to two Delta Pokémon. Also, I’m not going for super tough stuff, but just want some feedback on what I think should be simple stuff.

The first: delta ambilom: It would have technician as the ability, and would max out (unsurprisingly) speed and attack.

The moves I think would work on it so far are

  • Fake out
  • Shadow punch
  • Double hit
  • … I don’t know, … maybe drain punch? Maybe night shade for utility in catching Pokémon (like false swipe)

Alright, that’s one.

Now, how about a sun team delta noivern? Ability:solar power Max out speed and special ark


  • Nasty plot (for when I expect my mon to force a switch)
  • Synthesis (for countering walls that don’t have hp fire)
  • Petal dance
  • Flash cannon

Here is my updated version 1.1 Ability: solar power

Max out special attack and speed, timid nature to boost speed. (I consider the timid nature a compromise from chlorophyll.)


  • solar beam
  • flash cannon
  • dark pulse, or ver. 1.2.1 has heatwave
  • nasty plot

I think the mindgames about forcing a switch on the nasty plot boost make it better than synthesis because I don’t see this Pokémon living long. It should take only one hit on most things it doesn’t outspeed, except for bulky types with priority that it cannot hit super effectively, but with a nasty plot boost, that becomes unlikely. Kills houndoom in sun but is outspeed by speed boost blaziken with protect. I assume the Pokémon can be thrown into the garbage if sun isn’t up on those who resist its STAB moves.

Notable counters: anything with fire or physical and speed. Benefits greatly from stealth rocks or spikes. Loses to blaziken, beats infernapes lacking choice scarf, but they normally don’t.

Chlorophyll is beginning to look more effective, as notable offensive threats are sometimes overkilled by the existing damage, but this mon is too slow. I’d say you can use this as a sun team wall breaker, or change ability to make it stand toe to toe with offensive threats.

Some suggestions for noivern: solar beam instead of petal dance, so you cant confuse yourself, and Chlorophyll is also a good option so you can be faster than other opponents, and try to get rid of them quicker

replace petal dance with solar beam or boomburst

my d noivern has synthesis, nasty plot, flash cannon, boomburst i think boomburst is better than a grass move. a 140 that hits even fire type pokemons.

the item should be leftowers or life orb.

i am using leftowers because my noivern is a sweeper,stall breaker and he has natural cure not solar power.

for you i suggest a life orb and replace petal dance with solar beam

I totally forgot about the confusion. I do want to stick with solar power, though, as I plan on relying on that base speed and making up for a lack of coverage with raw power.

I didn’t think about items. Thanks overall so far.

replace dark pulse with heat wave,he can learn it from the move tutor in jade tower ( helios city ),it is boosted by sun and it hits steel types.

Thanks. I agree.