Tutor Seed Bomb onto Delta Wooper

Trading Name: NLGembe

Offer: anything

Request: Move.Tutor

Further info: Would anyone be able to Tutor Seed Bomb onto my Delta Wooper?

Yeah sure , I can help. When will you be available?

I am available right now!!

Nice! I don’t need anything in exchange btw. Trade name’s 0w0kinos (with zeros)

Ok. Let me fire my game up quick. Trainer name is NLGembe

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You can get rid of stockpile

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Gonna send trade now

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I’mma go teach it the move. I’ll be back in a bit

I appreciate it!! Thank you!!

also i need to use the bathroom so do you mind waiting a couple of minutes?

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Thank you

Let me know when ready. Trade is up

Aight I’m back, sorry for the wait.

Sending the request

did you get your wooper?

Thats the one! Thank you!!!

Poggers! I hope you enjoy your playthrough!

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Still getting the hang of the game! Not very far. I sped through 2 routes and town last night bc I wanted that Wooper. Guaranteed team so far is Delta Ivysaur, Delta Petlil, Delta Goomy, Delta Wooper. I have Delta Grimer, Delta Cake Dwebble, and regular Axew on standby

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