Turning on zekrom and kyurem's lightbulb (mod)

it isn’t perfect, but it bothered me that their sprites weren’t glowing
at least zekrom has armor, kyurem did come out a bit farfetched

image as an example

I changed everything that included zekrom/kyurem black’s tail, if I missed something lmk
here’s the download, along with a reversion pack that sets everything back to normal if desired

to download just unzip and put everything into the graphics folder

or like only add a few of the sprites manually idk go wild lol

UPDATE: I have also done kyurem white and reshiram, if anybody is interested I’ll put up the link lol
(also small edit, turned shiny kyurem white’s flames pink to respect the original reshiram’s pink flames)


Its Reshiram but cool work