Turbo Button not working properly

I played this game a while ago and decided to come back but the turbo button doesn’t work the same. Whenever I press it now it toggles through the different speeds of the turbo button with no need to hold the button down. Also in the options there is no setting to change the turbo speed. Was this changed with the game or I am missing something?

Yeah, with the new 1.2.5 update the turbo button m now has a 3 mode toggle instead of having to hold it down.

Ive also explained it a little more in depth here if u scroll down to my post, in case ur still confused :))

Ok, is there any way to make it only go between normal and one of the fast modes now or is it only toggle? Having to switch between several modes is annoying for me because I only want the slightly fast mode during battles and the normal speed everywhere else.

Yeah, there’s only the 3 mode toggle, but you can see which mode it is when u press m (green is slowest, yellow is m, and red is fastest). Imo it’s not too bad but I can see how that could be annoying :3.

Ok, thank you for your help though.

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