Trying to breed 3 moves to Skarmory

So I’m wondering if this is possible.

Both breeding pokes in question are around level 30 ish and have been appropriately move-deleted.

Female skarmory ONLY moves are roost and bravebird. Bred with a Pidgeotto who’s only moves are whirlwind and featherdance.

Baby had bravebird, roost, scratch, and leer. Are scratch/leer locked in for the baby - and thus only two moves can be passed down to it (so I can’t have a phazing Skarmory without sacrificing brave bird - at least for now since there isn’t a roost TM in the game)?

If it’s not possible then I’ll obviously just wait - where I figure there will be a roost TM.

Scratch/leer are not locked in for the baby, I have bred skarmory with 4 moves before.

Just tested by breeding a pidgeot having whirlwind, roost and fly with skarmory and the baby had all three moves. The chain should be possible, not sure why the moves are not passing down for you, the only thing I can suggest is evolve the pidgeot, delete feather dance and then try.

If that fails as well, I can breed you a skarmory with the three moves.

Admittedly I just tried once because I didn’t want to waste too much time given I don’t mind trying out taunt over whirlwind. I’ll try evolving to pidgeot and try it.

Yup, that worked. Also had pidgeot learn roost - because why not. Babe skarm had all 3.