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Trouble with xavier

If you try to guess the problem ur wrong NOT mega beedrill 3x aqua jet from sword ohkos it is gengar

whats ur team

Adamantt delta axew with aqua jet , SD,Whirlpool,Crunch
timid D venusaur CM,leechseed,psybeam,draining kiss
timid D charmeleon, Confuse ray, shadow ball,flamethrower, dragon pulse
lonely D grimer, bulldoze, magnitude,minimize and useless move
lonely d Beduw want to replace him
jolly D scyther ice ball,low sweep, pursuit,focus energy

oh is it a solo run?

no i was just typing more

easy, normal, or hard?


maybe just lead with venusaur, grimer or axew and set up on the metang

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i did with axew fogot about the D grimer

Setting up is the best strat tbh

u might get evasion cheese with minimize

his d metgross resits ground tho

his d metgross resits ground tho and he will spam potions

uh u could trade it to me ig and i could teach it stuff

should use my rare candy to evolve mt d charmeleon?

ok… wats ur trade name mine is the same as here

i cant trade rn sry

maybe lead with d axew and aqua jet once it to low health, then switch in the grimer and start setting up

he will spam potions

only at red health iirc. if u get him to yellow he wont