Trick room team help

Still theory since 1: I missed the reuniclus mystery gift and 2: some of these moves/items are currently unobtainable I believe. Also I know in advance this team is probably trash since it’s basically a team based off what I have in game alread but modified a bit, cause i’d rather know where I’m going before wasting IV stones etc

Reuniclus Reuniclite Sassy 252 S.def 252 S.atk Calm mind, recover, Psychic, Shadow ball Magic guard

Chandelure Air balloon Quiet 252 S.atk 252 Hp Fire blast, shadow ball, Trick room, Protect Flame body

Amoonguss black sludge Bold 252 HP 252 Def Spore, giga drain, stun spore, toxic Regenerator

Conkeldurr flame orb Brave 252 ATK 252 S.def mach punch, drain punch, detect, rock slide guts

Rhyperior Leftovers Adamant 252 HP 252 Def Stealth rock, earthquake, Stone edge, ice punch Solid rock

Dusclops eviolite Bold 252 HP 126 Def 126 S.def Calm mind, will o wisp, Shadow ball, trick room Pressure

P.s the mega slot is almost guaranteed to be reuniclus, but I’m open to suggestions everywhere else. Probably gonna try and keep it bulkier than normal though cause I’m guessing I’ll be switching in reuniclus a lot. I dunno. I haven’t done it yet.

Anyway any advice is welcome

Reuniclus: Run Focus Blast over Calm Mind. It is going to have to switch often to keep Trick Room up

Chandelure: Flash Fire or Infiltrator are both better than Flame Body. Flame Body relies on RNG and only works on contact moves. Flash Fire gives you free switch-ins while Infiltrator lets you punish Substitute users.

Amoonguss: Run Clear Smog or Sludge Bomb instead of Toxic. This will make it harder to set up on.

Conkeldurr: Use Life Orb + Iron Fist instead of Flame Orb + Guts. This deals more damage for most moves and deals less chip damage. Also, while Stone Edge is less reliable it does more damage per hit on average.

Rhyperior: Excadrill is better in pretty much every way.

Dusclops: Cresselia is better in pretty much every way. Also, any EVs after a multiple of 4 are useless. A better spread would be 248 HP/128 Def/132 SpD to neutralize Download users.

Agreed on Reuniclus and Amoonguss. With Cresselia I’m thinking something along the lines of trick room, moonlight, rocky helmet etc

Iron fist does more damage but guts burn is safer against status shenanigans. I think it’s down to what you come across often tbh, which kinda sucks when you can’t test stuff out but hey.

I’m only using rhyperior cause it’s bulky and can take a hit, considering I’m gonna be switching out reuniclus a lot. Need something that can take a hit on the switch if necessary and still threaten (debating on assault vest over leftovers as well, though i don’t have another entry hazard if I do). Is excadrill really that much better? Aside from rapid spin I’m not seeing it

For Chandelure I’m thinking Flash fire cause lots of switching around will be happening.

Really good advice though, thanks

As all the Megas will be implemented in 1.2., I´d also add Mega Camerupt as it will REALLY benefit from Trick Room having only a Base Speed of 20, I think.

But Mega Reuniclus can automatically set Trick Room while Mega Camerupt cannot. -Spd nature and no IVs already underspeeds many Pokemon. Not having to use a turn to set up Trick Room is extremely valuable and shuts down a lot of fast sweepers.

I think mega reuniclus is too powerful not to use, the downside being that it’s going to be a very predictable switch in each time. I think that nevertheless the sweepers should compensate for that.