Transferring Save Files?

I know how to do this. You go to this C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence path and that’s your save file.

I have some other fangames, and in their Saved Games file, it actually has an rxdata. But with the Insurgence file, there’s nothing there, so… Unless I’m super dumb, I can’t tranfer the save file to a new device?

There should be a folder called “Pokemon Insurgence” in Saved Games. You just throw it in there and it’s good.

Yup, I know. Is the folder supposed to be empty though?

Assuming you haven’t made a new save file on that device yet, yes.

On the original device, that is. I’ve played until the E4 and got some breedjects going, and I have a shiny or two in there too, so I’d like to keep the save file.

If it’s empty on the one that has a save, then that’s pretty strange. I don’t know where it’s being read if it’s not in there. Search your pc for a file called game.rgssad

Edit: I meant game.rxdata, heck

Ah, I did find something, not sure if it’s it though…

It probably is.

Ah, thank you then!

Crap, sorry for my ■■■■-up. It should be game.rxdata

Aah, there’s no game.rxdata files that belongs to Insurgence, as far as I can see. The game stil has its save, when you open it up and all, so…

Then I don’t really know. One of the game.rxdatas in your PC has to be it, so I guess you’ll have to test it in trial and error.

This is a guess but try going to the folder where your Game.exe is, and see if the Game.rxdata is there.

Ah, yeah, I’ve tried that. Granted, it’s not like I’ve searched in every audio/graphics/etc folder, but I want to say it’s not there.

Since the save seems to be on your system, open any windows explorer and search for
Game type:rxdata (with a space inbetween “Game” and “type:rxdata”).

soo i have the same problem my save file is corrupt i have searched for it but i cant find it i know this sounds dumb but you people sound smart or better with tech, can someone help me out?

This is irrelevant to this topic and this is a necropost. Make a new post with the details of your problem.