Transferring save files

How do I transfer my save file? I have 1.1.7 installed and I just downloaded the Insurgence Launcher. How do I bring the save file into the new update (1.2.3)?

It’s stored in a separate folder. It automatically loads your save when you open 1.2.3.

every time i close and reopen the launcher, it asks me to redownload the whole thing, which takes hours. Now I’m just gonna download the regular core .zip file on the site, which also takes hours. Then do I just open the game from there and it already has the save file?

never mind! all i had to do was wait for the 1.2.3 core download to finish and it already had the save. Thanks so much! But whats the point of the INsurgence launcher though?

It was supposed to make the downloading easier, but with the influx of people the launcher has become unstable.