Transferring save data to another device?

Does anyone know how you would transfer your Pokemon Insurgence save file without actually transferring the game? What is the name of the file(s)?

Are you on windows or mac?

@TheCyclopz Windows

i tried many times to transfer my data to diff device(also windows) but just nothin in my game

@Crazynut i have a shiny dialga in one of my games and it was an amazing find and i just dont want to lose it. thats why i wanna see if anyone knows

Your savefile is here: C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence

Copy all those rxdata files and put it in google drive or other sharing website, go to other device and download the files, then put it in the same location.

@Cow538 thank you so much!

Well make sure it works first, then thank me

@Cow538 theres no files on my computer that say “Saved games”

Did you go to that exact location? C:\Users(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence ?

And do you mean on the old computer or new

@Cow538 i found them another way. i just typed in rxdata and they all came up

Oh, nice. Now throw those in google drive and then fetch them on your other computer.

@Cow538 alright, thank you! I could probably transfer them through my phone too since i was able to do that with my emulators

I mean if that works for you, then go ahead

@Cow538 it does. Thank you again : 3

You are welcome. If any issues show up you can tag me in this thread again

weird, didnt work for me X_X do we do the backup data files too?

@Cow538 it didn’t show up in my game either. i did all the steps and nothing happened… if there really is no solution then thats okay. I’ll just have to go to my old computer to finish out the game when the update comes out

Where did you put the rxdata files on your new computer?

in the exact place you said C:\users\NAME\Saved Games\Pokemon insurgence i even ran the game first so the file would appear @Cow538