Transfering shiny mew between save files

Trading Name: Derpysaga_ALT

Offer: Idk

Request: just help me trade between files

Further info: I need to trade my shiny mew between my save files

I would help but what exactly would you trade me?

I would be happy to assist, you wouldn’t need to send me anything extra. My trading name is Dendy11.

Ok can you trade later?

Sure can! Whenever you are available.

At about 10:15 AM EST, I’ll need to go offline for a bit. I will be back probably a little after 1 PM EST.

Ok i think it will be ready by then

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By the way, I’m home and should be available for the rest of the day.

Ok in an hour or two i shall be able to transfer

Sounds good!

Ok i am ready @Funblock

Okay! Getting online now.

My name is Derpysaga_ALT

I have not done online trading before, I selected Trade and typed in your username and I’m currently sitting on a rainbow screen.

You have to tell me your username too

It’s Dendy11

If it exited. keep doing it

Just realized, was I supposed to send a trashmon since you’re switching saves? Figured I’d use that as collateral, whoops

Dude, was that pokemon important to you?

Like really important?