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Trading with yourself?

Hi everyone, new to the forums and new to PI. Enjoying the game very much and I was just wondering once I hit end game I usually like to replay pokemon games by starting a new save, sending over some nice mons, and having a crack at the game again with a pre-made team. How would this be best done in PI? Thank you!

I don’t know about trading with yourself, but there is a couple ways to make it work with a few caveats. firstly, I have to assume you wouldn’t want to send your champion team as is, cus if you did that, there is no way they would listen to you without badges, if you do want to send them that would probably require someone to help you trade. The same will hold true with any legendary/mythical pokemon. If you don’t mind those two really big stipulations, there is the option of making an egglocke. An egglocke will allow you to design and decide which eggs you are going to get, as long as its a non-legendary/mythical pokemon, you can make a eggs for your ideal team and use them. I’m currently doing that, its actually quite fun. I made myself a set ice-team, there is a slight issue with the gender coming out properly, but otherwise eggs come out as you designed them, so you could have a whole premade, already caught in a previous game team, just starting out from eggs (plus they won’t disobey you for being traded and not having the proper badges).
You can learn more about how to design your eggs on this video (I learned how from here, its actually super easy)

Thank you very much! Only issue is with the eggs I wont be able to EV train them in the OG game. Typically I would raise a couple pokemon to level 10 or so b/c i am EV training them then send them over to the new game.

I’m 100% sure you can re-do and EV train, you just have to bear with it until you get the secret base. You get it really early, like…2nd badge or 3rd town or something like that, anyway, you can fully EV train them super early, before you hit level 20. I don’t think you need to be overly concerned with your EVs especially early game, and since you can un-learn you undesirable EVs in your secret base and fully EV train what you do want, I don’t really see that as an issue.