Trading team from file to speed run file

Trading Name: nutuse

Offer: will descuse reward

Request: I need someone to trade my team from my normal file to my speed run file

Further info:i need to only trade over 5 pokemon

i could do it if u have a eveite i could use or a delta venasurite

I can bye one for you in my game


Also Were Do u Bye Them

oh battle frontier from the dojo person for 10000

ok well i still wanna do it

never mind I got a friend to help me sorry but I can still send you the mega stones if you like

That Would Be Great Thank You

Whats ur name mine is Sphinx


give me a minute I still have to bye the mega stones

k tell me when

um I have a problem I’m only aloud to bye charzardite y delta charizardite blastiosite delta blastiosite macho brace and destiny knot never mind another person was holding them

Dont Need Delta Charizardite

ok I got the Evette and delta venusaurite

k thanks

just started

your welcome

was that u