Trading some shiny legends and one delta

Trading Name: froggi_chair

Offer: shiny rayquaza, mew, ufi, mudkip, and delta elekid

Request: Shinies in return, preferably yveltal, xerneas diancie

Further info: kinda bored of them and I wanted to see what others had to offer, pictures below
you can contact me on discord by Bowtie :hatching_chick:#0344

EDIT: I may also trade my shiny ho oh if the offer is good enough

EDIT EDIT: Please do not offer me your first born child, I don’t want it






Ho Oh is only for really good offers

rip I want that rayray so bad lmao
Only thing I have to offer is my *neutral nature (RIP lmao) shiny latios lol

smh just shiny hunt, not that hard lmao

I ain’t gonna shiny hunt anything till I get the shiny charm lol, I am halfway there, will get to that point someday…

for how long have you been grindin lol

Oh, started grinding for the shiny charm like a week ago lmao

have you been grinding safari zone? its incredibly important bc of the amount of pokemon there

Oh, I didn’t thought of that , I will probs gonna do that later, I thought of catching all of the fs mons first, since, there are… A lot

yea gl on the dex bro

Thanks lol

we need legends for the the shiny charm right?

the only legendaries i can shiny charm are the lake guardians and ufi. i caught all legendaries before i tried to complete pokedex lmao

legends can be touch traded, and they will get registered in your pokedex

oh really . lemme create post for that(can i get the shiny charm before the E4rematch )


What would u want for the elekid? Another Shiny Delta I suppose? @Sbeve

yea, most other shinies are ok as well as long as they have good abilities

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and natures, lol I forgot

also also if I like the shiny itself lol

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oh lol, hi Nir